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All our trucks equipped with Lisa2Alert system

Great news at Milieu Service Nederland as the conclusion of the national Week of Safety within the waste sector. This week the project was completed in which all our trucks are equipped with the Lisa2Alert system. A blind spot assistant who can actually save lives.

Additional safety system

At Milieu Service Nederland, safety is a top priority. With a VCA certification for almost 20 years, we do everything we can to guarantee safety for our employees and fellow road users. The blind spot problem is one of the most common causes of fatalities with trucks. That is also the reason that Milieu Service Nederland has equipped all its trucks with the Lisa2Alert system on its own initiative (because it is not mandatory). Lisa2Alert is an additional safety system for our blind spot mirrors and stickers, reversing camera, blind spot camera and an extra side window in the right door.

Lisa2Alert and fellow road users

The proven effective Lisa2Alert blind spot assistant is the only system that primarily focuses on fellow road users. Pedestrians, cyclists and moped riders are warned with sound and light signals when the truck driver wants to turn right. Research has shown that cyclists look at the truck twice as often and twice as quickly. This can make the difference between a collision or not. In addition, there is 5 x more interaction between the driver and the cyclist by raising the thumb or hand as a sign that they have seen each other. Lisa2Alert not only prevents traffic accidents, it also greatly enhances the feeling of safety. Our drivers don't want anything else!

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Dode hoek Waarschuwings Systeem

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